ELCOVISION 10 Demo Version does not start

Problem description

ELCOVISION 10 Demo version does not start. Sometimes a white window flashes up briefly.


This problem almost only occurs with computers with 2 GPUs: An integrated Intel or AMD GPU and a NVIDIA GPU. Driver problems are always the cause. 

Solution: Update graphics drivers

Update the drivers for both GPUs. Note that for most notebooks/laptops you will need to use the manufacturer's drivers, not generic drivers from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.

Solution: NVIDIA Control Panel

Select "Integrated Graphics" in the NVIDIA Control Panel for ELCOVISION 10. If ELCOVISION 10 is not listed in the programs you can select it with [Add]:

ELCOVISION 10 stops during calculation of automatic orientation

Problem description

The image orientation stops after the image pair comparison.


This problem almost only occurs with computers with 2 GPUs: An integrated Intel or AMD GPU and a NVIDIA GPU. Often driver problems are the cause.

Testing the graphics card drivers

Click on the small blue question mark in the upper right corner of the ELCVOVISION 10 program window:

The following dialog must appear:

If not the graphics card driver has to be updated and if necessary set ELCOVISION 10 to use "Integrated Graphics" in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

ELCOVISION 10 stops calculating the high density point cloud

Error message "Memory Low"


  • Many applications such as video players or even browsers like Google Chrome often use a lot of graphics card memory. Close them. With the Windows 10 Taskmanger you can easily find out which programs use graphics card memory.
  • Have fewer neighboring images examined
  • Use lower pixel resolution
  • Use a graphics card with more memory

Error message "CUDA ERROR"

Cause: Windows graphics driver - timeout


  • Install the latest graphics card driver
  • With regedit in the key
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers create a DWORD(32 bit) value TdrDelay with a value of 80 (hexadecimal) or greater.
  • Restart the computer!

Further Documentation:

The project manager window is no longer visible or has disappeared

Problem description

After loading a project no project manager is visible although the project seems to be loaded successfully.


In the ribbon, under "Windows", click on either "Overlapping windows" or "Windows side by side".


Problem description

The project manager was inadvertently closed.


In the Ribbon  "Window" : click "Windows > New Window".

Some Dialogues are Displayed Too Large and Cannot be Operated

Cause: Monitor resolution too small

ELCOVISION 10 needs at least a monitor with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels..

Cause: The system font is too large scaled

Windows 10: Right click Desktop > Display Settings > Change size of text, apps and other elements: Reduce the font size here.

Windows 7: Right-click Desktop > Screen Resolution > Increase or decrease size of text and other elements: Reduce the font size here.