Lists in ELCOVISION 10

Sort Lists

Lists can be sorted in ascending and descending order by clicking on a column heading. The sorting direction is indicated by an arrow symbol in the column heading:

Alternatively, the list can be sorted via the context menu of a column.

Edit List Contents

By slowly double-clicking on an element or by pressing F2, the content can be edited in most lists: Either an edit field or a drop-down box will open:

Units in Lists

If there is a unit in the column label, it can be changed via the context menu, the values will be displayed in the new unit:

Multiple Selection in Lists

You can make multiple selections like in Windows Explorer:

Shift ⇧  +  Left Mouse ButtonSelect Areas
Shift ⇧  +  

Shift ⇧ + 
Select line by line upwards

Select line by line downwards
Ctrl +  ASelect all lines

Ctrl  +  Left mouse button : Individual lines, even if they are far apart, are selected:

Checking or unchecking several checkboxes at the same time

Select several rows and then tick or un-tick the checkbox in one of the selected rows.

Clipboard - Print - Export

 Ctrl  +  C or context menuCopy selection to clipboard
 Ctrl  +  P  or context menuPrints the complete list
Kontextmenü - ExcelStarts Excel with the list content